Palm Chain

For the first time in Dubai

Have you ever wondered why the prices of imported products are so volatile?

Industry’s dependency on manual documentation leads to data mismatch, even the smallest discrepancy can lead to weeks in delays, leading to increase in overhead costs.

Because there are several parties involved the quality assurance certificate can be forged at multiple ends and no one would know where the fraud occurred.

Intermediaries are usually hired to help oversee the trading operation because of it which again increases the operational cost by 5% or more.

About Palm Chain

PALM CHAIN is a solution to fix these challenges

PALM CHAIN is a peer-to-peer platform built on Tectum blockchain technology that helps streamlining trading processes and solving the challenges of the trading operations.

  • Higher transparency

    PALM CHAIN platform digitizes paper contracts and transforms them into smart contracts.

  • Hight efficiency

    The blockchain technology ensures that no data is tempered

  • Less complexity

    Once a delivery and payment is made, a smart will archive itself as a complete contract.

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finishing point

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The implementation of both innovations on PALM CHAIN leads to higher efficiency between participants, allowing them to ensure timely and accurate deliveries with less overhead costs. As a consumer, you will be able to enjoy products you use daily at the lower price!

Join us and revolutionize the new era of trading with PALM CHAIN.